During the Super Bowl last night, E-Trade ran a commercial depicting a bank robbery.

The robbers had masks, bags (no dollar signs though) and all the standard jargon (“Lady, don’t be a hero.”).

Except that the robbers weren’t who you would expect. It was the tellers, manager and even the security guard.

Brick and mortar banks are robbing you.

They’re giving you horrible rates of return in their savings account — no where near what an online savings account can offer.

They’re charging you to have an account, even though they’re using your money to make them more money.

They’re charging you more and more fees for things that should (and used to) be free.

They’re requiring you to have a minimum balance to keep your account open.

So why do nearly all of us still use them?

(View the commercial here. Click 3rd Quarter and then E-Trade).