The personal Loan in Singapore can be the ultimate solution to most of your immediate financial needs. However, getting a personal loan is a huge pain in the neck. Many elements may put a negative impact on your loan application. As a result, your application will be rejected by the money lender. It may put a serious impact on the plans you’ve made.

But there is no need to worry because we’ve prepared a few important tips that are very helpful in getting a loan application approved. If you’re concerned about getting your loan application approved in Singapore, this article is going to help you a lot. So, let’s look at the tips you must follow if you want to get your payday loan application approved in Singapore.

1.    Understand the Total Debt Servicing Ratio framework

The Monetary Authority of Singapore uses this legal framework to make sure that the people may stay away from risky financial behavior. This framework prevents individuals from getting themselves into trouble through loans. This framework uses the individual’s financial standings to determine the loan amount that’s suitable for them. Usually, this ratio is 60% of your income. The approval process gets a lot easier when you carefully analyze your TDSR standing.

It provides you with an overview of the limit you may qualify for. Thus, you won’t be making a mistake when applying for the Personal Loan in Singapore.

2.    Analyze Market Conditions

The market’s Condition also helps you in figuring out the right time for getting your loan application approved. The performance of the market puts a significant impact on the amount of credit. The market is more stable when the economy is performing well. As a result, the credit is easily available at cheaper rates. The chances of getting your application approved are increased when you submit the application at the right time. Moreover, it helps in qualifying for flexible loan terms and most favorable interest rates.

3.    Build Good Account History

The chances of getting a loan approved are ultimately increased when you apply for a loan from an institute where you’ve built a good account history. You can build a good account history by avoiding the missing payments or over-drawing your account.

The good account history helps in getting a loan application approved at the most favorable terms. Similarly, the financial institution will reduce the interest rate based on your previous history.

4.    Keep the documents prepared

You must always keep the documents prepared that may be required for the loan application evaluation process. Copy of NRIC or Passport, Digital Payslips, Income Tax Assessment Notices, and CPF Contribution History are some important documents that may be required in this regard. Similarly, there are some other documents the bank may ask you to submit. Your application will be rejected if you failed to produce the required documents on time. Therefore, you must keep all documents prepared to avoid the rejection.

5.    Do Your Research

We strongly recommend conducting proper research before making a final decision. You need to compare the interest rates of different lending institutions. Similarly, you must understand the terms and conditions of the personal loan. You can discuss the details with an employee of the institution that has a better understanding of such matters.


The preparation is the key to getting your application approved in Singapore. Choosing the right institution and having the right information is a part of proper preparation. You need to understand the complicated aspects of the loan before applying. The tips we’ve shared above will help you a lot in getting your loan application approved.