How laziness and stupidity cost me 60 today

I lost $60 today in the stupidest way possible: for my flight out of town, I went to the wrong airport. Yep. You read that right. I went to the wrong airport. For my flight to CEDIA Expo, I thought I was flying out of Washington/Dulles airport (located in Virginia). Had I taken the time to look

What Would You Do for $1 Million

I’m starting a meme — and you’re invited! Now be honest here. The point is for your readers to learn more about you — so truthfulness is necessary. Here’s How It Works Let’s get started: here’s how it works. 1. When you’re tagged, answer the question on your blog, with a trackback to the original post. 2.

How Biased is Your Financial Advice?

In the world of financial advice, it seems like everyone is trying to sell you something. Financial advisors like Ameriprise are really interested in selling you into their mutual funds. Most financial media doesn’t care how you really do, they just want your eyeballs. But then there’s some outlets that really have your best interests in mind.

10 Ways to Immediately Start Saving Money

As the wife and I save up for a possible move and, at the same time, I scrounge for money to start-up a business, we’ve been pinching pennies wherever possible. Unfortunately, because of our living situation, we spend a lot of money on rent and other fixed items (IRAs, cable/Internet bills, insurance, etc.). But we’ve