11 Online Banking Features You Want to Have

Online banking, though it’s becoming a fixture in many homes, is still relatively young. It’s not a big surprise, then, that we want our banks and online financial applications to do more and add more. Yodlee, which makes online banking software for financial institutions, sponsored a white paper from the Aite Group called Next-Generation Online Banking and Bill Pay:

Should Online Banking Be Inconvenient?

We’ve talked a bit about being smart and secure when banking online, but at least one “financial analyst” thinks that online banking needs to be difficult to use in order to keep you safe. Although customers should expect convenience from an online account, they should be wary of an Internet bank that makes it too easy for

How Brick and Mortar Banks ARE Robbing You

During the Super Bowl last night, E-Trade ran a commercial depicting a bank robbery. The robbers had masks, bags (no dollar signs though) and all the standard jargon (“Lady, don’t be a hero.”). Except that the robbers weren’t who you would expect. It was the tellers, manager and even the security guard. Brick and mortar banks are